Unicorn Fart


There’s nothing cute about this stench.



The Unicorn Fart is perfect for your better half, badly behaved daughter or work colleague.  It’s sure to conjure up a jar full of laughs…at someone else’s expense. This is no super cute unicorn cotton candy though.  You have been warned.

The inside of the jar has been doused with glitter and a lovely little note placed inside – make sure you add your personalisation to tell your loved one, just how much you really treasure them.  The colour of glitter may vary.

The Parp-fect Gift

Stuck with what to buy that special someone, loved one, frenemy or work colleague this for their special occasion? Well fartsdirect.com has the answer. “We need to let the stigma surrounding farts go, by letting one go.” – says the founder and CEO of Farts Direct Martin Grix. “It’s important to share the guff – no matter the occasion.” 

About The Jar

Jar made of 100% real glass. Fart made of 100% real odour. The recipient will only know it was from you if you leave a custom note or specify that you want your name on the note. The actual smell and strength of the smell may vary. We try to make them as pungent as possible, but due to temperature, humidity and length of delivery, Farts Direct Jars will vary in intensity.

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New Year, New Farts

Your Farts Direct Jar includes:

  • A mini glass jar with an airtight lid
  • Your very own optional customised note (on heavyweight parchment paper) with a lovely bow of twine
  • A large dose of glitter
  • 1 hearty, beefy-delicious fart smell

The scroll that accompanies your gift will look something like this:

Fart in a Jar - Example Scroll

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